Here’s What People Are Saying About Michael Paul

“I’ve seen a lot of entertainers, but Michael is on another level entirely. Absolutely astonishing.”

Gary Craig
Radio Personality

“…I’m very difficult to fool, but Michael Paul has stone-solid mystified me, and I’m grateful for it.”

Star of Penn and Teller’s “Fool Us”

“Michael Paul is impressive. Get ready to see his name everywhere. It’s only a matter of time.”

Michael Lauck
World Magic Media
“Michael Paul is fresh and creative, and just what the magic world needs…”Roni Shachnaey, President, Israeli Magic Society
“Michael was a hit at our corporate holiday party, and one of the most impressive entertainers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with…”Dawn Leon, Intel
“An absolutely flawless show…”Mark Allec, Stadium Properties LLC
“Michael Paul changes the way people think about magic, and blew away our CEO. Highly recommended.”Bernard Wexler, WPI Events
“We were expecting parlor tricks, and instead got REAL MAGIC! I received such positive feedback from our guests that I wouldn’t hesitate to book Michael again.”Natalie Tanner, Gordon & Rees LLP
“Michael Paul is one of the best… Not just a superb magician and performer, but a delight to work with…”Jack Desroches, Milestone Events
“We just wanted to thank you for helping make our event last week at the Four Seasons in Las Vegas another huge success…”Cindy Mill, Magic Tree House Worldwide
“We have never been more pleased with our choice of entertainment. Michael Paul was exactly what we were looking for and more…”Peggy Baze
“Michael Paul’s sleight of hand is to magic what Tiger Wood’s swing is to golf; I’ve seen it, I just can’t believe it. He’s that good…”Throwdini, World Champion Knife Thrower
“His talent is unlike anything I’ve seen. I was very impressed…”Trevor Lally, UFC Coach
“Classy, charming, and highly skilled… Michael Paul is a joy to watch.”Todd Robbins, Star/Host of "True Nightmares"

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Sitting at the Rennisance in Glendale and Mike shows up and gives us the best 30 min of close up magic I have ever seen! He rocks… I want to hire him for corporate events!!!!


Seeing it on tv is nothing compared to seeing magic first hand right in front of you. Michael Paul gave us an amazing show at the Rennisance in Glendale. He left us mesmerized and wanting more!


Mike was an amesome magician! First live magic trick done by a professional, and I can tell you it was awesome!


The first time that Michael showed me some of his magic tricks I have to say he is the first magician that has left me with my mouth open wondering how in the world did he do that!!! He is by far the best magician ever!!


Having been the first live magic trick I’ve ever seen, Micheal really blew my mind. I was completely amazed as objects appeared and disappeared right in front of my eyes. This is definitely something you want to experience. I don’t know what I was expecting but it definitely wasn’t that.


Not only was I blown away by his magic tricks, he was very entertaining and had great interaction with the crowd. He’s a magician you want to invite again.


Magic Mike entertained my wife and I about a year ago for a private event. Our friends still talk about his performance every time we see them! It was every bit as incredible as the magic I’ve seen on TV, but it was done right in front of us. We were mind-blown. Highly recommended.